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Plush Toys and Dolls

Introducing our Plush Toy and Doll Collection featuring our signature Afro Puff designs make our Plush Toy and Doll collection unlike anything else you'll ever see!  These plush toys are perfect for magical playtimes, expressing personality, and creating memories for any special occasion! These cuddly companions are sure to bring fun and joy into your life...or someone else's. (Gift-giving made easy!)

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Customer Reviews

  • "My youngest daughter loves unicorns! When I saw black unicorns, I was floored and she was speechlessly happy..."

    T. R. Groves

  • "Perfect size and the right color, better than the photo online. It was above expectations"


  • "Shipped immediately. Extremely worth the price. One of my a-time best purchases!"

    Angela M.

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