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Zhuri Unicorn Plush Toy with Afro Puffs - 12 inch

Let your imagination run wild with the Zhuri Black Unicorn Plush Toy, rocking our iconic afro puff and overflowing with love! This 12 inch cuddly companion is the perfect present for little ones, reminding them they have a fantastical friend in this epic creature. Get ready for endless laughs and entertainment with this quirky and unique plush, a must-have for kids of all ages. Full of love and personality, this 12 inch plush is the perfect gift for kids at any age. With its iconic afro puff and playful demeanor, the Zhuri Unicorn will bring endless joy and fun to any child's playtime. Sparking imagination and creating fantastical adventures, this epic creature will become your child's new best friend.


    • 12" H x 10" L x 7" W
    • Polyester Material
    • Detailed plush sculpting
    • Hand Stitched
    • Hand Wash Only
    • Recommended for ages 3+
    • Imported
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